This is turn-based Simulation RPG.
Rules are simple and smart, so easy to understand!
If you like typical SRPG, this game is perfect!!

Title:Traditional Tactics
Genre:Simulation RPG ( Games/Strategy and Role Playing )
Hardware:iPhone, iPod touch ( iOS 10.3 or later )
Price:Download Free ( In-App Purchase )
Design (Human):tarbo
Design (Monster):Haruka
Copyright:©2016-2017 Daidai Inc.

This is the story of a kingdom.
The king has seven children.

Today is very important because heir of the throne will be decided.
He said to the children:
“A person who arrives the deepest floor of The Royal Tomb at fastest, I'll admit as the next king.”

The Royal Tomb is a cemetery that ancestors and heroes are rested.
And it's a dungeon to make a trial of the adventurer's courage.

The youngest of the royal children, Prince Natri will also challenge this trial.
Can he arrive the deepest floor?

【 Stage 1 】 【 Stage 2 】

【 Stage 3 】 【 Stage 4 】

【 Stage 5 】 【 Stage 6 】

And there are more stages...