A person who arrives the deepest floor of the dungeon "Royal Tomb" at fastest, I'll admit as the next king. It is the trial for you.

The king told so to his 7 children.

The youngest "Prince Natri" is also one of the candidates. To challenge this trial, he has started exploring the Royal Tomb.

[ Natri ]

7th child, Prince. He is the youngest, so modest and has only an average ability.

[ Rin ]

6th child, Princess. She is very wise and kind. Now studies in the theological school.

[ Argo ]

5th child, Prince. He is sunny and has many friends, often goes to the castle town secretly.

[ Berry ]

4th child, Princess. She is so cute and small that always seems younger than Rin.

[ Ox ]

3rd child, Prince. Very strong and good at martial arts. He works as a military officer.

[ Neon ]

2nd child, Princess. She is beautiful and clever, so thinks she should be the top.

[ Cal ]

1st child, Prince. He likes studying and researching, better than being the king.

[ King Magna ]

The king of this country. He is neutral and will welcome whoever becomes the next king.

In the dungeon "Royal Tomb", many spirits help you as "Unit". They are like a monster, but brave and faithful. Let's try the simulation battle with them!

[ Soldier ]

Fighter with a sword. Strength is high and this will give a large damage to the enemy.

[ Lancer ]

Fighter with a lance. Moving and Defense against magic attack are good.

[ Guard ]

Heavy warrior with a big body. Defense against physical attack is very high.

[ Mage ]

Magician using attacking magics. This is very useful for beating high-Defense units.

[ Healer ]

Magician using healing magics. This has little strength, but helps fellows at anytime.