[ Jammer ]
This unit is a trickster.

Decreasing STR or DEF,
Making Jamming Area.
This is not so strong,
but can change the progress of a battle
with your inspiration.

If you could use this skillfully,
you will be a good game player.
Use Magics
STR Down -3 DEF Down -3
Jam Moving Jam All Magic
Anti Jamming Receive Fix 10
This unit has no attacking magic.
Its magics are for supporting fellow.

[ Soldier ]
Fighter with a sword.
Use Magics
Own STR +5
This unit can increase STR by oneself.
Useful for attack and getting EXP.

[ Lancer ]
Fighter with a lance.
Use Magics
Own MAG +5 Own MAG +10
[ Exchange ] is for not only defense.
There is also other purpose.

[ Guard ]
Heavy warrior with a big body.
Use Magics
This unit can use [ Pushing ] as it looks.
But MP is too little to use many times.

[ Healer ]
Magician with healing magics.
Use Magics
Heal 10 Heal 20
Heal 30 DEF +3
[ Pull ] is added as a new helping way.
This must be useful for offense, too.

[ Mage ]
Magician with attacking magics.
Use Magics
Fire 1 Fire 1/2
MP Give 5 MP Give 10
STR +3 Initialize
Being higher level, this unit has rich MP.
Use [ MP Give ] for fellows.

[ High Soldier ]
Soldier's higher class.
STR is increased.
Use Magics
Own STR +5 Own STR +10
Be more strong with [ Own STR +10 ].
It's useful for the winning attack.

[ High Mage ]
Mage's higher class.
MAG and HP are increased.
Use Magics
Fire 1 Fire 1/2
MP Give 5 MP Give 10
STR +3 Initialize
Fire 5 MP Give 20
Adding more powerful magics.
[ MP Give 20 ] will help fellow Healer.