You go with a Lady!
Love is occurred in the dungeon!?

This is the story of a kingdom.

The king has seven children.

They had taken the trial to be next king.
And the winner was the youngest one,
Prince Natri.

His wisdom and courage were
great enough to be the king.

There is a person who disagrees.

It is his mother, Queen Silica.
She was travelling as an official work
when the trial had been held.

"Why did you do such an interesting
event without me!?"

She is like a trouble maker,
so tells Prince Natri
to take the trial again.

In addition, he is introduced a Lady.
Her name is Helim.
She is a new member of
the guardian force "Escorts".
But on probation, not professional.
Therefore, she has been ordered to guard
Prince Natri as the final test.

Although she is quite a stranger,
he must explore the dungeon together.
What happens in this adventure!?