Traditional Simulation RPG
with Great Thinking Program!

This game is 2nd work of our Simulation RPG "Traditional Tactics Ne+". We customize Thinking Program to be smarter and stronger than previous. You will find true delight of Simulation by this game.

Generally, Simulation RPG is separated into 2 types. One is emphasizing the growth of characters, so to speak "RPG type". It teaches that steady effort is very precious. Other values how to fight in the battle, "Simulation type". It gives the fun of winning by player's inspiration.

Recently RPG type is main stream, Simulation type is little. We wish the later is remained in the future and we will do our best to help for it.

The most important thing for Simulation RPG is enemy's thinking program. If enemy attacks blindly, you can win easily. Because you have only to intercept by a storing unit.

In this game, enemy's units have various personalities. Some units attack from the front, others wrap around. Another waits with guardians. Each units are not so powerful, but the enemy's gTeamh is strong. It's just the most interesting feature of Simulation RPG.

So that you find it enough, we will make an effort in many ways. If you are a good planner for work or travel, you will like our game surely.

But, we apologize in advance, we can't make beautiful visuals. It's our weakness. All reviewers will criticize about it unsparingly.

However we create a good game more than making up for our weakness. And finally, all players will enjoy this game as much as they like.

That is our purpose to make this game.
We wish you will agree with it.