Don't bully the weak!
Fight Smart and Noble!

This game is Simple and Reasonable, but not Easy. It's same feature as the previous work. The rules are so understandable that you don't have to spend a long time.

And no unit has special skill, or enemy's units are never increased suddenly in the battle. Because the most important is the tactics, enemy also keeps this principle.

In addition, this game has a new feature. It is "Noble Point". This system evaluates the smartness of your fighting.

What is the smart fighting? The efficiency will be very precious. And you should not hurt enemies excessively. This is just Chivalry, the spirit of Knight.

To practice it, you must think carefully. It's not a good way to rely on character's potential only. You should see the progress of a battle, and use your all units smartly. Then you will get nobility.

By the way, this game has the kindness for beginners, same as the previous work. Example, you can save in the simulation battle anytime. If not so, you would be too fearful to challenge anything. Don't be afraid of failure, let's enjoy many trials!