[ Silica ]
Queen of the kingdom.
Seven children’s mother.

She is proudly and noble enough
to be called “Great Mother”.
And she looks very young,
so she is popular with everyone.

Although she is not a politician,
often invited from other country.
Then she meets VIP of there,
just like a diplomat.

She loves events and festivals.
Therefore, she feels sorry
that she had failed to see
the trial of the next king.
Use Magics
Lv.1 Fire 1
Lv.4 MAG Down -3
Lv.8 DEF Down -3
Lv.12 Fire 5
Lv.16 MAG Down -6
Lv.20 DEF Down -6
Strong magical attacker.
Also she is tough relatively.

"We Royals all admire her.
And no one can defy."

"When she goes to other country,
she always gives us sweets as a gift."

"She is a good supporter of my study."

[ Helim ]
Temporary member of Escorts.

Ordered to guard Prince Natri
as the final test to be professional.

She is serious enough to do best
for completing the mission.
But, she is too nervous
to talk friendly and easily.

Being close with her,
it is very important for this adventure.

[ What is Escorts? ]
A party to guard VIP,
customers from other countries.
Therefore, members have to master
defending and language.

And they often accompany
domestic VIP’s traveling.
So Queen Silica is familiar to them,
but young Royal children are not.
Use Magics
Lv.1 Own Move +1
Lv.10 Jam All Magic
High defense against magic.
Let's attack enemy's Mage.

"Ugh, I don’t know what talk about...
It's awkward to say nothing together."

"You need the natural gifts as
not only a king, but also gentleman."

[ Nitro ]
The leader of Escorts 3rd group.

Always strict, always strong.
He has sharp eyes and awful voice.
They are not suitable for
meeting VIPs.

But, it shows that
guarding is very hard wark
and they should not be careless
even in a moment.
Use Magics
Lv.1 Exchange
Lv.10 Lifting
Defend fellows hard.
Just like a guardian.

"He is a respectable leader.
Although I felt fearful at first meeting."

[ Fluo ]
A member of Escorts.

Gentle and handsome one.
He is good at talking,
so can be familiar to VIPs instantly.
In contrast to the stern leader.

He is popular with ladies so much,
but he doesn't look like a play boy.
Use Magic
Lv.1 Own DEF +5
Lv.4 Initialize
Lv.8 Anti Jamming
Lv.12 Jam Moving
Lv.16 Own DEF +10
He is weak...?
No, he has strong mind.

"I don't like talking,
so he always helps me."

[ Boron ]
A member of Escorts.

One of Escort's important
task is interpretation,
because they meet foreign VIPs.
Boron excels at it.

This means Boron has not only
high intelligence
but also good inspiration.

This one can use many languages.
In addition sign language and
Morse signal.

So there is a rumor that
Boron can talk with even a cat...!?
Use Magic
Lv.1 Heal 10
Lv.3 Heal 20
Lv.6 MAG +3
Lv.9 DEF Down -3
Lv.12 Heal 30
Lv.15 MAG +6
Lv.18 DEF Down -6
Good support for attackers.
Brain of the team.

"I also talk to a rose every day,
imaging that beautiful lady."

[ Sulfur ]
A member of Escorts.

He is a very genius boy.
Although too young to enter
the Academy,
he was adopted as Escort specially.

His knowledge is more excellent than
not only same age,
even ordinary people.

But, he is never bloated.
He studies very hard every day.

Insatiable aspiration is
just a gift of him.
Use Magics
Lv.1 Heal 10
Lv.1 Fire 1
Lv.4 MP Give 5
Lv.8 Receive Fix 10
Lv.12 Heal 20
Lv.15 Fire 5
Lv.18 MP Give 10
Use heal and attack magics.
And he has rich MP.

"He is also popular with ladies.
But it's different with Fluo's feature."

[ Natri ]
7th child, Prince.
A student of the Royal Academy.
Use Magics
Lv.1 Heal 10
Lv.1 Pull
Lv.5 Fire 1
Lv.10 Heal 20
Lv.15 Fire 5
Lv.20 Heal 30
The most important is [ Pull ].
Your inspiration will be tested.

[ Rin ]
6th child, Princess.
A student of the theological school.
Use Magics
Lv.1 Heal 10
Lv.1 MP Give 5
Lv.3 Heal 20
Lv.6 Heal 30
Lv.9 Jam All Magic
Lv.12 Fire 1
Lv.15 Heal 50
Lv.18 Heal 80
Defend with heal and [ Jam All Magic ].
Attacking magic is also useful.

[ Argo ]
5th child, Prince.
A student of the Royal Academy.
Use Magics
Lv.1 Fire 1
Lv.5 Exchange
Lv.10 STR +3
Lv.15 MAG +3
Lv.20 Fire 5
Attacking is good, but DEF is low.
[ Exchange ] is a useless treasure?

[ Berry ]
4th child, Princess.
A student of the Royal Academy.
Use Magics
Lv.1 DEF +3
Lv.1 STR +3
Lv.4 Move +1
Lv.8 DEF +6
Lv.12 STR +6
Lv.16 DEF +9
Lv.20 STR +9
Support fellows by enhance magics.
[ Move +1 ] will make a tough operation.

[ Ox ]
3rd child, Prince.
Work as a military officer.
Use Magics
Lv.1 Pushing
Lv.10 Tackle
He has a powerful body.
He can push both enemy and fellow.

[ Neon ]
2nd child, Princess.
Work as a civil officer.
Use Magics
Lv.1 Fire 1
Lv.5 Own MAG +5
Lv.10 Fire 5
Lv.15 Own MAG +10
Lv.20 Fire 10
Her magic attack is very strong.
But it’s impossible to win alone.

[ Cal ]
1st child, Prince.
A student of the Royal Academy.
Use Magics
Lv.1 Fire 1
Lv.1 Heal 10
Lv.4 DEF +3
Lv.8 STR +3
Lv.12 Jam Moving
He can do various things.
It means he has no strong point.