This is turn-based Simulation RPG. You and enemy take turns playing. You move units on the map and beat enemy. Meeting the requirement to win, you would clear a stage. The purpose of this game is to clear all stages.

The requirement to win is seen at Options Menu.

To lose is that your own unit is defeated.

Player should clear many stages to complete this game.
There are 3 phases in a stage.

[ Set Up Phase ]
Change or Replace your units.
Max 10 units can take part in a stage.

[ Battle Phase ]
Fight against enemy.

[ Bonus Phase ]
After winning,
player can take various benefits.

Unit's parameters are these.
In the simulation battle, showing normal unit's detail (not human), its name can be changed within 8 characters.

[ Lv ] ( Level )
The intensity of the unit.

[ Ex ] ( Experience Point, EXP )
Get by doing Normal Attack or using magics. Becoming 100 points, the level of this unit goes up and parameters are increased. But Ex returns to 0.

[ Dft. ] ( Defeated )
Defeats of the unit's fighting.

[ HP ]
Hit Points, this is life.
Becoming 0 point, the unit is defeated.

[ MP ]
Magic Points.
This is spended to use a magic.

[ STR ]
For giving damage of Normal Attack.

[ DEF ]
For received damage of Normal Attack.

[ MAG ]
Magical Power.
This affects magics.

[ Move ]
The unit can move this distance in 1 turn.

A unit can move once in one turn.
But it can't stop at the square that other unit stays.
And it can't go through the square that enemy stays.

A unit can do one of these actions after moving.
But it can't move after them.

[ Normal Attack ]
Attack neighboring enemy.

[ Magic ]
Use a magic at a cost of MP.

[ Get Item ]
Get the item on the square.

[ End ]
Do nothing and stay at the square.

Damage of Normal Attack is

Attacker's STR - Receiver's DEF

It can be seen as EXPECT
in the Information Area.

Generally Normal Attack is hitted surely,
and the damage will be 1 point at least.

After Attacker's action, if Receiver's HP is over 0,
nextly Receiver does the counter attack once.

Some units can do Magic Attack.
Damage is

Difference of MAG + Power of Magic

The difference of MAG can be seen
in the Information Area as MAG-DIF.

And at doing actually,
tha damage is seen as EXPECT.

Generally Magic Attack is hitted surely,
and the damage will be 1 point at least.

Receiver can't do the counter attack
against magic.

"Support Card" is a helper item that affects a fighting of units. You can use 1 card at 1 fighting. Its kind and posession are seen at "Support Cards" of Options Menu.

You can have 9 cards each at most, and get it in the simulation battle or Bonus Phase.

But, when you are lost and retry the stage,
Support Card on the is erased.

To increase your units, you have to get "Unit Card" in the simulation battle. And you can use it from the next battle.

But, as same as Support Card, Unit Card on the map is erased when you retry the stage.

Also, in one adventure, you can get only 1 Unit Card each class except having from the beginning. In short, you can use max 2 units each class.

"Jamming Area" is created with the magic (same name) and affects the square. Its kind is this.

[ Jam Moving ]
Moving to the square,
move cost [ 5 ] is needed.
But except Position Change.

[ Jam All Magic ]
All magics to the unit on the square are cancelled.
But except Position Change.

This effect is remaind [ 3 turns ].
Spending it or Useing magic [ Anti Jamming ],
Jamming Area is erased.

Even if your unit is defeated, it would not vanish.
It returns in the next battle, but these penalties occur.

[ Your unit is defeated ]
- Noble Points are decreased.
- Its Lv is retained, but Ex returns to 0.

If you lost the simulation battle, you would retry though Lv and Ex are retained. But these occur.

[ You are lost ]
- Noble Points are decreased.
- Erase Support and Unit Card on the map in the stage.

When enemies become this state,
the dialog is shown as "Give Up".

The number of units is 3 or less,
and they are only
Healer type and Jammer type.

Accepting this offer, you would win instantly. On the other hand, you can deny and continue the battle. But, showing this dialog is only one time each stage.