Noble Point is evaluating the smartness of your fighting. In the simulation battle, you can get it when you do a beautiful action. For example...

[ Increase Noble Point ]
- Beat enemy with damage near its HP.
(You should not hurt excessively.)
- Beat more enemies in one turn.
- Beat with assisted ways.
(Enhancing or Weakening Magics,
Support Card)
- Start the stage newly as Bonus.
(Not re-try after losing.)
- At clearing the stage,
depends on the rest of enemies.

On the other hand,
Noble Point is decreasing at these...

[ Decrease Noble Point ]
- Spending one turn.
- Your unit is defeated.
- You are lost, or escape.
- Beat low-level enemy.

Noble Point is used at Bonus Phase after clearing a stage. In there, you can get many benefits by spending Noble Points. It is very important for completing this game perfectly.

Now points and Total getting points are seen at
Options Menu.