In Bonus Phase, you can get various benefits by spending Noble Points. The remaining points are carried over to next stage.

[ Unit's Level Up ]
: (20 + its level) points
A unit can do many times, but level does not become over the enemy's max level in the stage.

[ Unit's High Raise ]
: 50 points
A normal unit's level becomes 15 or more, then it can do High Raise to change to the higher class.

[ Exchange Support Card ]
: 20 points (in Options Menu)
Exchange your 2 Support Cards to 1 card you want.

[ Get Support Card ]
: 50 points (in Options Menu)
Get 1 Support Card you want.

"High Raise" is to grow the normal unit (not human type) to stronger High Class. Its requirement are these.

- The unit's level is 15 or more.
- Spend 50 Noble Points
in Bonus Phase.

Being High Class, the unit can increase its parameters and use special magics. Also, its level and experience points are retained.